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Welcome to the EG1004 Online Lab Manual Archive! The pages and downloads linked here are no longer used in the current version of the course, but are kept here for historical purposes and to avoid cluttering the Main Page.

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Course Information

PowerPoint Presentations

Laboratory Experiments


Semester-Long Design Project

Project Configurations


Benchmark Assessment A Forms

AUV  •  BDR  •  DRR  •  MRR  •  RDS  •  RTGS  •  SID  •  SLS  •  SRR

Benchmark Assessment B Forms

AUV  •  BDR  •  DRR  •  MRR  •  RDS  •  RTGS  •  SID  •  SLS  •  SRR

Commissioning Forms

AUV  •  BDR  •  DRR  •  MRR  •  RDS  •  RTGS  •  SID  •  SLS  •  SRR

Project Submission

Help & How-Tos

Sample Work

This section contains two imaginary labs and typical submissions that would be associated with them.

Regular Lab
Competition Lab
Design Project

This section is still under construction. Sample SLDP documents will be posted as they become available.

Previous Editors

Serge Pomorski
Prof. Dr. David R Doucette
Jacek Ortiz-Blizinski
Peter Yuk Li