Giving Effective Presentations

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Giving Effective Presentations

One of the most important skills that any technical professional needs is the ability to present their ideas clearly and persuasively. Whether it's showing the value of their technical work to management, presenting a proposal for funding, or arguing for a new product, they will frequently need to make their audience understand their viewpoint.

This communication takes two forms: written and oral. Typically, written communication is used to present a detailed analysis, where the reader can stop and consider the points being made, make notations, and generally think about the material. It is an effective means to communicate, but requires significant dedicated time on the part of the audience, the reader. Because of this, oral communications in the form of presentations are continuing to increase in popularity. A professional typically gets a relatively short time to make their point effectively, and attain the results they want. Because of this, EG1004 will require you to start developing this skill by making a number of presentations during the term.

In order to provide uniform rules in evaluating your work, and also to get you familiar with the forms a presentation can take, we've prepared these presentation specifications for you to follow. After the specifications themselves, we'll also give some insights on how to prepare an effective presentation that will not only help you in EG1004, but throughout your career as well.

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