Fall 2018 Project Configurations

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Bomb Disarming Robot (BDR)

Figure 1: View of BDR Navigation Field
Figure 2: BDR triangulation devices

Mars Rover Robot (MRR)

Figure 3: View of MRR Navigation Field

Retrieval and Delivery System (RDS)

Figure 4: View of RDS Navigation Field

Subterranean Infiltrator & Fortune Retriever (SIFR)

Figure 9: Top Level of SIFR

Figure 10: Middle Level of SIFR

Figure 11: Bottom Level of SIFR

Figure 12: View of SIFR Naviagation Field

Search & Recovery Robot (SRR)

Figure 14: View of SRR Navigation Field

Figure 15: View of SRR Navigation Field

Figure 16: Zarya
Figure 17: Quest
Figure 18: Unity