How to Use the EG1004 Websites

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There are two main websites: the lab manual (this site, and the course website (

This website will cover academic matters for the course, such as grading policies, lab descriptions, writing guidelines, etc. You should add this site to your favorites since you'll be accessing it frequently.

The main website for the EG1004 course is Here you will find the latest information and announcements regarding the course; submit lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, and other necessary files; and post any comments or questions you may have. Announcements can be found on the main page and all the required and recommended downloads are located on the "Software Downloads" page; the link can be found under the "Help Center" section of the navigation panel on the left side of the page.

The Course Information section gives you an overview of the course as well as the different syllabi for each course section. In the Help Center section, you will find useful downloads and the link to this manual. There is also a listing of the staff that delivers the course, with the ways you can reach them, listed under the Staff section. Finally, there is a work submission capability where you can submit work that you prepare.

Many of the functions of the site, such as electronic submission of work, require that you register on the site.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register, found under the Login button.
  3. Some information will be pre-filled. Fill in the required information.
  4. Click Register.
  5. Your Lab TA must approve your registration. Make sure they do this before you leave your first lab.

Logging In

  1. Go to You must have registered for an account beforehand. If you registered for an account during a previous semester, that account was probably deleted; please register for a new account.
  2. Click Log In and use your NYU Credentials to log in.

When you are finished using the website, log out of the website by simply clicking on Logout.

Submitting Files

For a detailed explanation including screenshots, see How to Submit Work to the EG1004 Website.

  1. Click on the Submit link located under Submission in the navigation panel on the left side of the page.
  2. Select the folder you want to upload the files to, based on the assignment you are submitting.
  3. Click on Browse to select the file you want to submit; you may only submit one file at a time. (Check the info below to see the files you are required to submit)
  4. When you have selected the file, click the Send File button.
  5. Remember, submissions are limited to a total size of 16 MB.
  6. Under Submit you can also choose to download the files that you have uploaded earlier. To download individual files, click on the box that corresponds to your submitted file (✔, 1, 2, or 2+) to download. If you wish to download all the files you have submitted, click on the Download All link under the Submit table.