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EG-UY 1004 meets three times per week during lecture, lab, and recitation, and students complete a semester-long design project outside of class time. Each section is supported by an engineering professor, writing professor, and a team of undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs). Information regarding each section’s schedule and teaching team can be found on the course website.


The EG-UY 1004 lecture series introduces first-year students to professional skills and the | Tandon Areas of Excellence. Guest speakers from Tandon academic departments and industry meet with students to share their experience and perspectives on their respective fields. The goal of each lecture is to provide students with knowledge of opportunities available to engineers while at Tandon and beyond. The lecture schedule can be found on the syllabus


The EG-UY 1004 laboratory experiments introduce first-year students to fundamental engineering skills and concepts related to various engineering disciplines. The lab is a peer-led environment co-facilitated by undergraduate TAs; each week following the lab, students present their work in recitation and prepare a lab report for evaluation for their technical communication skills. Information about each lab performed can be found from the main page of the lab manual.


Students will present their laboratory results during the weekly recitation. These recitations are also opportunities for students to receive feedback on their progress throughout the semester through 1-on-1 consultations with writing faculty and technical presentations evaluated by engineering faculty and undergraduate TAs. Each week, the faculty will also share short lectures related to the engineering design process and technical writing. Recitation resources can be found from the main page of the lab manual.

Semester-Long Design Project

There is a semester-long design project that runs in parallel with the other activities in the course. In teams of 2 to 4, students complete one of three projects; information regarding each one can be found here. Throughout the semester, students will deliver updates on progress through milestone presentations during recitation.