Elementary General Engineering & Design

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The Elementary General Engineering and Design (EGED) is a program that has been offered to high schoolers to engage with engineering at the university level since Fall 2010. Over many years, the program has transformed quite a lot through feedback from the students and their school.

Over longest running partner school, the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (UAI), has been with the program since Fall 2011, pausing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just like our college classes, students in the EGED program also use our Course Website at https://eg.poly.edu.

Course Grade Breakdown

Table 1. EGED Course Grade Breakdown.
Item Breakdown
Professional Development 10%
Benchmark Completion 10%
Milestone Presentation 20%
Project Completion 15%
Final Design Report 20%
Final Presentation 25%
Total 100%

Note that there is neither a midterm nor a final exam for this course.

Table 1 shows the grade breakdown for the EGED course offered beginning Spring 2023.


Anyone in one of our Lab rooms are to follow established Safety Guidelines.

General Engineering offers a number of workshops that target different skills engineers use to complete projects. For more information on these workshops, see Technical Workshops. The EGED program offers a subset of these workshops as Labs: