Absence and Lateness Policies

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Questions or concerns regarding absence and lateness should be directed to the section recitation instructors. In general, please reach out to the engineering professor, writing professor, and recitation TA attached to your section as far ahead as possible of a lateness of absence . If one person is contacted, the writing professor for example, make sure you CC the rest (engineering professor and TA). For long-term accommodations, please contact the NYU Moses Center for Accessibility.

Excused Absences

NYU Tandon Student Advocacy <advocacy.tandonstudentlife@nyu.edu> provides a channel for students to request accommodations for a variety of reasons. EG1004 uses the Student Advocate to verify excused absences.

Lab Lateness and Absence

Students must be on-time for each lab session. Students will not be admitted more than 15 minutes after the lab has begun. To address a lateness of 15 minutes or more, or absence from a lab session entirely, students can complete a makeup lab.

To make up a missed lab, fill out a makeup lab request on the course website within two weeks of the missed session. To do this, log in to your eg.poly.edu account. On the left, click Makeup Lab, and fill out the necessary information. After the form has been submitted, the Professor and Recitation TA will review the request.

If the form is approved, visit Open Lab while the form is valid. A TA will confirm the approval and provide assistance. Note that students who complete makeup labs are ineligible for competition extra credit points, and that students whose makeup team lab reports must complete the report and presentation individually.

The makeup presentation and report must be submitted to the EG website within one week of completing the lab. As the presentation will be graded outside of recitation, your presentation must include speaker notes of what would be covered while presenting.

Recitation Lateness and Absence

Students are expected to attend recitation regularly and arrive on-time. Lateness may incur a penalty of up to 2 points on the week’s presentation; an unexcused absence will result in a zero for the week’s presentation. An excused absence will result in the student receiving the grade obtained by their teammates that week.

Lecture Policies

Students are expected to attend lectures regularly and on-time. There is a grace period of 10 minutes following the start of lecture; after this time, students will be admitted, but no credit will be awarded.

Course Registration Issues

Occasionally, students cannot be present starting on the first day of class. They may not be able to register, or they may be overseas when the course starts. We will make every effort to accommodate these students and help them to complete the course successfully.

If you miss any lectures, you should see your TAs or faculty member and get a copy of the slides that were presented at the lectures. These slides contain valuable material, and you will find it rewarding to review them. The name of the presenter is also on the first slide, and they would welcome any questions you might have.

For the labs, you must complete all the labs in order to complete the course. There are no excused labs. The way to complete these labs is to go to the Open Lab and complete your work there if you need to. For the labs that use software that's already on your laptop, you can do the lab on your own, or in the Computer Lab. However, most of the labs require access to EG1004 lab equipment, and you will probably have to use the Open Lab time to complete your work. You should agree with your faculty member on the due date for the lab report when you get your EG1004 Open Lab Authorization Form. Any lateness will be measured from that date. Similarly, you will have to do your lab presentations at a date that you and your faculty member agree on. Any lateness from that date will count as a zero for that presentation.

Since the workload for most students only increases as the term progresses, you and your faculty member should come up with a plan to make up work as quickly as possible so that you're back on schedule with a normal workload as early in the term as possible.

If you join the course after teams have been formed for the semester-long design project, your faculty member will either have you join a team that already exists as an additional member, or split up an existing team into two teams, with you joining one of these teams. This decision is the faculty member's responsibility.