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Cost Estimate

A cost estimate must be generated that specifies the cost of all the materials and labor required for the construction of the design. Tabulate this cost information clearly in an Excel spreadsheet. Help in calculating the cost is available by reviewing How to plan the schedule and calculate costs for a project. Try to choose parts from amazon.com for ease of purchasing and fast delivery. Note: You need to provide a cost estimate with a list of parts in your Design and Feasibility Report. Any adjustments or changes over the semester must be documented and shown to your mentor. Be very sure of the parts you ask your mentor to purchase, as you do have a budget of $300.00.

The cost estimate should include the following:

  • Labor cost breakdown with hours and rates
  • Cost of all materials and components
  • Total cost must be shown in the bottom right corner

*No decimal places; this is an estimate after all. Round appropriately