Online Submission FAQs

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Where can I find the login information for my submission account?

I am getting an error message: "Something went wrong. Please try again."

You may be attempting to submit from your NYU account or another Google account. Please make sure you are using the account provided to you at

Can I edit my submission?

You may only edit your submission for deliverables which have not previously been uploaded.

The EG Website prompts us with a message saying our deadline has passed.

If the deadline was set incorrectly, contact your Recitation TA to update the Regular SLDP Submission deadline.
If the deadline has indeed passed, you will not be able to access your submission credentials. You should email your Recitation TA and professor with your deliverables attached explaining the circumstances surrounding your inability to submit on time. They will ultimately decide whether to accept your submission and if a penalty applies.

The deadline is in X minutes, but it will take Y minutes to upload Z.

Assuming Y > X, submit the form so you have a submission on record and email Z to your Recitation TA and professor.

If there are questions you feel should be in this FAQ, please email