Final Proposal Cover Letter Guidelines

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Final Proposal Cover Letter Guidelines

[HEADER – Insert your company name and logo]


[Insert date]
Mr. Joe Smith, title
Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip


This is the name and
address of the contact person and
company where you are sending
your proposal.

Re:[Project Name]
 [Project Specification, i.e., Robot for Bomb Disarming Project]
Dear Mr Smith: Inst1.gif Always use a colon in a formal salutation.

First Paragraph

Introduce your company and the proposal request you are responding to. Briefly state the
problem described in the RFP for your project. Make sure you demonstrate your understanding
of the problem. Then, briefly state – using persuasive language – your solution to the problem.
Explain why your design solution is the best choice.


Second Paragraph

Now, provide the background information necessary to demonstrate a full understanding
of the problem. This will allow you to describe the problem in more detail. In the concluding
sentence of this paragraph, describe your solution

Third Paragraph

Build on that last sentence and provide a detailed description of your project. You will
need to include both mechanism (e.g. the robot itself) and process (e.g., how the robot works)
descriptions. Remember when you describe the feature of your robot to talk about their
corresponding benefits.


Fourth Paragraph

Explain why your company is the best choice for the job. Don't do this by saying that you
are the best. Come up with ways to demonstrate your qualifications. Argue persuasively that you
understand the request and are best suited to fulfill it.


Concluding Paragraph

In two or three sentences, mention again the proposal name, concisely focus on the
problem, your proposed solution, and what your firm will bring to the project. Make sure you
express a strong interest in working on this job. Provide contact information.

Sign Here Inst1.gif
David Poly
Lead Engineer

Insert your names and titles

Sign HereInst1.gif
Jane Jay
Project Manager

Normally, the proposal and the project team's resumes would be attached to this
letter. You will not be preparing a full proposal. Please follow the guidelines for preparing
your resume and attach one for each member of the team to this letter. Your TA will rpovide
instructions for submitting other supporting documentation (e.g., drawings, programs, cost estimates).

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