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Milestones, Benchmarks, and Deliverables

As you work on your project, you will be required to present periodic reports on your progress. We call these Milestones. All the items assigned in each Milestone are called deliverables. These deliverables often consist of a combination of written submissions, presentations, and demonstrations.

Design & Feasibility Report

The Design and Feasibility Report (DFR) is extremely important, as it lays the groundwork for your project. You will be outlining your project idea, inspiration, and goals.

The DFR must include:

  • Cover Page
  • Project Overview
  • Goals & Objectives
    • LEED certification level intending to achieve
  • Design & Approach
  • Cost Estimate
  • Project Schedule
  • Relevant Pictures

An example DFR template can be found here. The DFR is due by Benchmark A. Do not forget to include the items listed above. Use this link to access the HIR DFR Rubric.