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If there are any questions, refer to the EG1004 Grading Policy.

Note: There is no extra credit for early commissioning, only for early submission.

Note: The deliverables received early are the ones you will use in your presentation. No adjustments to the deliverables submitted will be accepted.

Early Submission

  • All benchmarks and commissioning forms must be completed
    • TAs, check the forms online
  • All items listed below are required
  • Due by the Early Submission deadline (refer to syllabus)

Regular Submission

  • Due by the Regular Submission deadline (refer to syllabus)
  • All submissions has to be Online:
    • Use unique username and password to login for access to submission form
    • No physical copies
    • File size of the Final PowerPoint Presentation and the Video limited to 10 GB
    • All other files limited to 100 MB
  • Restrictions on file types:
    • Final PowerPoint Presentations: only presentation (.ppt, .pptx etc.)
    • Video Submission: only video (.wmv, .mov, .avi etc.)
    • Resume : only documents (.doc, .pdf, .docx etc.)

Incomplete Submission

  • Only allowed after Early Submission deadline (refer to syllabus)
  • You will receive a penalty of 2 points to your SLDP grade for every missing item

Student Requirements

  • Refer to the Online Submission Form
  • The form can be found by logging into your account on and clicking the tab on the left labeled "SLDP Final Submission".
  • This page is currently under construction. If you need assistance, please email your recitation TA or

TA Requirements

  • Under construction