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Disclaimer and Introduction

It was our intent to include these labs in the next version of the manual, being prepared for the Spring 2007 term. However, due to popular demand, we are releasing them early in "raw" form. Essentially these are rough drafts of the final product, similar to the Release Candidate 1 version of software from Microsoft. They are not perfect, and will be edited in the next few months. However, they will show you, in general terms, how to write lab reports and prepare presentations. As always, your comments would be appreciated.

What follows are two sample labs and the lab reports and presentations that might be done as work for them. As you'll be able to quickly see, they are obviously fictional labs.

Lab 1701 takes place in the 24th Century, and is a regular lab. Lab 500 takes place at the current time, and is a competition. This way you'll be able to see the differences between how a competition lab and regular lab are done. Both labs are meant to be entertaining as a way to make sure you read them all the way to the end. However, keep in mind that if they were real, they would be serious.

For the lab reports, there are two versions. The first version is an annotated version of the report, with paragraphs in red being used to explain what comes next. You should examine this version of the report carefully for both labs, and understand what's being said. The second version of both labs is the report itself, with the annotation missing, so that you can see what the actual report looks like.

Similarly, there are two versions of each presentation. First, there will be an annotated version, where slides are included to explain what comes next. There are also versions of the labs without annotation so you can see how they would actually be presented.

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