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Milestone 2

See How to Give a Milestone Presentation for the format of a Milestone presentation.

Milestone 2 will be a project progress update. You must explain all changes and developments made thus far, particularly in regards to Benchmark A. Include whether or not you were able to complete your Benchmark A requirements, and if not, explain why. Also, highlight any changes you plan on making to your design or project, in general. Your Milestone 2 presentation must include:

Milestone 2 Deliverables:

  • Project description
  • Design changes since Milestone 1
  • Design approach
  • Mission statement
  • CAD drawings: top, front, most detailed side, isometric
  • Circuit diagram
  • Flowchart of code
  • Cost estimate (previous and current). What changes were made?
  • Microsoft Project schedule (previous and current). What changes were made?
    • Click here to access the guide on how to transfer a file
  • Progress update: current state of the project (time, budget, etc.)

Look Ahead: What tasks are planned between now and Milestone 3?