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Milestone 1

See How to Give a Milestone Presentation for the format of a Milestone presentation.

Milestone 1 should act as a presentation of your Preliminary Design Investigation. Without simply replicating your report in presentation format, take the key points to present in a concise and clear manner. The section formatting should be similar to that of the report. It is important that you outline your project goals and show that your project is realizable. This includes:

Milestone 1 Deliverables:

  • Presentation:
    • Project description
    • Design approach
    • Mission statement
    • Preliminary CAD drawing of device
    • Cost estimate
    • Microsoft Project schedule
    • Progress update: current state of the project

Look Ahead: What tasks are planned between now and Milestone 2?

You must decide your project goal from the Device Choices list for Milestone 1. You cannot change device choices after this deadline.