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For many of the EG1004 sections, you will be required to submit work such as recitation presentations to the MyPoly Digital Dropbox. This page will explain how to do this. When we set up the recitation laptop to do your presentations, it is critical that the presentations all have different names, which is why we have this standard. Failing to follow this standard may result in your presentation being lost (and you receiving a zero for the presentation) or the presentation grade being given to the wrong people .

When you prepare the presentation

When you're working with PowerPoint to prepare your presentation, this is the first step in the procedure. When you save the presentation in preparation for submitting it, you MUST use a filename that follows this convention:


In the preceding specification, T is the type of presentation, where T would be the word "Lab" for a lab, or "Milestone" for a milestone. The letter "n" would be the number of the lab or presentation. Finally, the "name" would be the names of the presenters, separated by an underscore.

For example, if two people named Doucette and Linsky are presenting Lab 6, they would use the following filename:


If two people named Georgi and Cordista were presenting Milestone 2, they would use a name of:


PowerPoint will supply the "ppt" extension for you, so you don't have to type it.

Submitting the Presentation

Now that your presentation is complete, it's time to submit it. After you log onto MyPoly, select your recitation section from the list of courses. When the page for the section comes up, do the following:

  1. Select Tools
  2. Select Digital Dropbox
  3. Select Send File

For the screen that comes up, Fill in the name using the convention described above, e.g., Lab6_Doucette_Linsky. You do not need to put the file extension.

Next select the file to be sent. You can do this by using the Browse button, or just typing in the name you used in the preceding section. Next, click the Submit button and you're done.

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