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Makerbot Guide

Makerbot Desktop Software is a critical piece of software for our 3D Printers. STL files do not contain the instructions that the printer needs to position the extruder; to do this Makerbot Desktop “Slices” the model. This process analyses the 3D models that have been imported and slices them into individual layers that the printer can lay down. The software also determines which extruder to use (which decides which color of filament is used).


The toolbar on the left side of Makerbot Desktop allows some final adjustments to the object before slicing. There are 5 main model tools:

  • View – Rotates the view of the camera to specific views such as top, side and front as well as Isometric (Reset view)
  • Position – Translate the model in the X, Y and Z dimensions (in millimeters). Can also center the object on the platform and move objects down onto the platform (On platform)
  • Rotation – Rotate the model in the X, Y and Z dimensions (in degrees). Can also automatically adjust to place the nearest flat edge on the platform (Lay Flat)
  • Dimensions – Scale the model in the X, Y and Z dimensions (in millimeters). Can also scale by a percentage (Scale To), autoscale from inches to mm (Inches -> mm), autoscale to the largest pritable size (maximum size), or reset the part to its original size (reset scale)
  • Information – Select which extruder is used for the model this determines what color the model will be.

Importing Files

To create a multicolor print at least two STL files must be imported, each file will use one extruder. To import the first file click the “Add File” button.