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* [[Media:Open Lab Rules.pdf|Open Lab Rules]]
* [[Media:Open Lab Rules.pdf|Open Lab Rules]]
* [[3D Printing Extra Credit]]
* [[3D Printing Extra Credit]]
* [[testing]]


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Welcome to the EG1003 Online Lab Manual website. This site contains all the academic material you need for the course. For administrative matters such as lab report submission, please visit eg.poly.edu.

You can click on anything underlined on this page to link to the material.

Course Information

Laboratory Experiments

Semester-Long Design Project

Help & How-Tos

Sample Work

This section contains two imaginary labs and typical submissions that would be associated with them.

Design Project

This section is still under construction. Sample SLDP documents will be posted as they become available.

Archived Pages

Pages kept for historical purposes can be found in The Archive.


If you have any comments or questions about this manual click here to send us a message. Please include something in the subject line indicating what your comment is.