Ipsita's RAD

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Request for Proposal: Ipsita's RAD

Introduction and Overview

In a rapidly progressing and innovation-focused world, there is constantly a push for originality and revolutionary new ideas. As the future of engineering, you have been called upon by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in collaboration with NYU Tandon School of Engineering to propose unique, intriguing ideas that will promote technological advancement and improve quality of life. The National Academy of Engineering wants to see how the new generation of engineers will address the Engineering Grand Challenges and technological problems the world faces. They want to reward innovative and exceptional designs and prototypes.

Your team is tasked with identifying a problem that needs to be solved, and then moving forward to propose and develop a solution. At the end of this semester, you will be expected to have a working prototype that you can showcase to your professors and teaching assistants. The product that shows the most creativity, promise, and innovative excellence will win an award. The goal of this endeavor is to address an engineering problem that you believe you can solve or begin to solve. You have the freedom to propose any idea you believe has merit, be it a completely new technology or one that you aspire to adapt. If your proposal is selected, then you will be expected to move forward with your idea and have a concrete prototype by the end of the semester. You will be graded on the effort that is put into the project and in understanding the engineering design process, as well as your ability to explain what you learn from your engineering design endeavor.